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Request Page for University Owned Computers

For University-owned computers, choose from the available options below



For Student and Staff owned computers
From 2016, the University no longer supplies a University-customised version of Sophos Endpoint Security software for non-University owned computers.
For computers owned by students or staff, Sophos have recently released a free Endpoint Security product available from their website and there are also other capable endpoint security and anti-virus products available.

The Sophos product can be downloaded directly from their website.
For those who wish to consider other alternatives and compare different vendors and products, the Wikipedia site may provide some useful information.

Please be reminded that all computers connecting to the university network are required to have an anti-virus capability.

For University owned computers that had Sophos installed before January 2015
All Sophos software installed before January 2015 requires reinstallation. These installations of Sophos will be unable to update themselves and will not be providing proper protection, although it may seem to be working fine.
* Go to the Sophos Configuration Check page to check the configuration of your Sophos software.

For Student and Staff owned computers that had Sophos installed in 2015
These installation of Sophos will continue to receive updates for now until further notice.

For any questions contact the ITS Service Desk.

last updated 20 Jan 2016

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