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This is the web site where current University of Otago Students, Staff and Departments can access the installers for Sophos Anti Virus. These versions are customised to update from the Otago servers. The installer packages for University owned machines includes the Sasafras K2 client application which is used to manage software licensing requirements.

All devices that currently have Sophos installed are required to reinstall. This is to ensure continued operation of Sophos Anti Virus as existing servers have reached end of life and the new servers offer better growth and scalability.

ITS will endeavour to contact device owners who have previously downloaded Otago Sophos via email with a link to this page. Given the size of this task it is likely some will slip through in which case Sophos on Windows devices will warn users that it is not up to date and they will need to install again from this site. OS X users may or may not get a warning (depending on what version is installed) and they also will need to install from this site.

The Otago Sophos installers now use Sophos Remote Management Service to retrieve information about which servers to download updates. In the past this was encoded into the installers. A successful installation requires the computer to have network access to the Otago Sophos servers otherwise no update information or virus definition updates can occur until the Sophos Remote Management Service has transferred the correct settings. 

There are many factors that affect the time taken to install Otago Sophos such as CPU speed and load, available RAM, and network connectivity, so be patient as it may take a slow machine up to 20 minutes or so to complete the installation and this is sometimes taken as a failed installation rather than a delay.

To test if your Otago Sophos is working, go to this site: Click to download the file in IE/Firefox/Safari, and Sophos should immediately tag it as a threat.

The correct primary and secondary update locations are or or Do not attempt to change these settings manually. If they contain any of the old servers such as or or then you should download the latest Otago Sophos installer and run it.

During early 2015 the old servers and the current servers will have available the same version of Sophos so version numbering is no indicator of a successful upgrade or installation. Rather, check that the update locations are correctly set.

The OSX installer can be found here and the Windows installer can be found at this link.

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